Animation On The World Wide Web

Netscape 2.0b
A capital N proudly reconquers the planet of movement

Search Bar
A blinking bar humiliates the barricaded writer.

Progress Bar
Tapping my foot. Waiting. Looking at my watch. Impatience.


Sifting rapidly though pages. Slowing down. Break. Halt. Speed up again. Return.


Follow my index finger. This is what I want you to look at.

Drop Down Menu

Click Button
It triggers something much bigger than itself but how does it function with in itself?

New Window/Tab
I like what I am looking at and I would like to look at it again but I would also like to look at something else at the same time.


That is what i want! Take me directly to it!

Is anything happening here or is it just going really slow? Lets try again from the start.

Steven, Medeina, Lauritz