Writing on the Web

Using hashtags links one post to others posts.

Pictures replace text.

News-headlines should not be longer then 6 words.

By scanning through people just read the first 3 words and the last 3 words.

The headline should be all on one line.

Posts with 40 characters get 86 % higher engagement.

Post with 80 or less characters get 66 % higher engagement.

Using tending words highlights the post.

An article should not be longer then 7 minutes, thats around 1600 words.

The width of a paragraph is around 40 - 55 characters (6-11 words), what makes it
easier to read and to jump from one line to the other.

Using a bigger font-size for the introduction, gives the whole
article more space and looks easier to read.

Putting pictures, video and other multimedia elements in between, makes
the reader more active.

The main message should be in the beginning of the article, to
get people’s attention.

Using short sentences.

A tweet under 100 character get 17 % higher engagement.

Using 71 - 100 character, people can say something with value in
their tweet and there is space for comments if somebody would
retweet it.

Using hashtags linkes articles to others tweets.

A presentation on Youtube should not be longer then 18 minutes, since the
concentration of people decreases after 10 to 18 minutes.

Also the energy goes down, after using the brain for 10 to 18 minutes without a break.